Shiba inu dogs

Shiba Inu is the smallest and most popular dog of Japanese native breeds. Inu in Japanese means ¨dog¨, and Shiba is a bush, whose leaves in the fall become red. Originally used to hunt small animals, but because of their courage they were not scared even a little Japanese bear. This strong hunting instinct has been preserved to this day. Nowadays they are great companions for someone who has enough time and experience with dogs. They are also proudly represented by the Japanese Emperor's family.

History of the breed: This smallest original Japanese breed has existed in the Sanin area for centuries. In archaeological excavations, bones of these dogs were found over 2500 years old. The Shiba Inu was established in Japan in 1934 and declared in 1936 and protected by law as the national treasure of Japan. The original shiba were larger than the current ones. Shiba is the closest relative of the wolf, since her DNA matches almost 98% with the wolf.


About us

We are the family Travnikar from Arnovo selo. At our house has always been man's best friend – DOG. Now we have the third German shepherd since I remember. Earlier these dogs have also my grandfather. Our Rex was 11 years old and it have problems with its hips, so we decided for a smaller, healthier breed, I have been to a few shows and I have seen dogs, which I later learned to be called Shiba Inu, who immediately attract me.