About us

We are the family Travnikar from Arnovo selo. At our house has always been man's best friend – DOG. Now we have the third German shepherd since I remember. Earlier these dogs have also my grandfather. Our Rex was 11 years old and it have problems with its hips, so we decided for a smaller, healthier breed, I have been to a few shows and I have seen dogs, which I later learned to be called Shiba Inu, who immediately attract me.

We started to search for a breed in Slovenia, but with no success. All breeders were abroad, and even those were rare. So we decided to bring this breed closer and present it in Slovenia. So instead one pet, we have now five very playful dogs, and we do not regret a single moment that we put into breeding. It was colorful, sometimes exhausting, but a lot of the joy and laughter of one shepherd and five Shiba.

We are very proud to have our first Shiba females entered in the Slovenian pedigree and we are the first official breeders in Slovenia! Our puppies have found new owners in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Serbia and Switerland.

We sincerely thank breeders Stane and Zvonka Jalovec for all the advice and assistance of the first steps of breed.